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Annual Credit Report Request Form You have the right to get a free copy of your credit file disclosure, commonly called a credit report, once every 12 months, from each of the nationwide consumer
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The moment that I mentioned that I help Canadians fix an Irish and credit two things never happen first I got a stunned look on their face which yeah I'm used to and then I get some kind of common or responses they have perfect credit but I'm really glad that you're out there helping all those people with bad credit and I just smile nod but here's what I'm really thinking when you talk to a doctor do you think hey I'm in perfect health but i'm really glad they're out there you know with all those sickos of course not because you understand that eventually you're going to need a doctor as well credit TV is not just about helping people with bad credit rebuild its to help all adults in canada or any other country that uses Equifax and TransUnion as our main credit reporting agency and if you really understand how important credit is to your financial health then you're really want to go to take these principles and put them into your own life and make sure you understand how all this credit stuff works so my first question to you is what was the last time you even checked your credit report and if you have checked it and reviewed it in detail in the last 12 months which credit report did you check that's right there's two credit reporting agencies in Canada and most people would assume that Equifax and TransUnion are the exact same but then you'd be assuming wrong not all banks and lenders report to both Equifax and TransUnion and very very few banks will look at both credit reports to approve your next application so if you're checking out one report and everything's good but there's errors and fraud on the other report then you're still going to get declined for best rates and best terms and if you're basing your good credit on the fact that the last time you talked to your bank they approved you think about how long ago that was every 30 to 90 days your credit accounts are updated and within that time I've seen credit scores drop over a hundred points taking you from good credit to bad credit very quickly and it happens all the time so the question you should be asking yourself is do I know exactly what's on both credit reports and are they both accurate and do I know what it takes to always have and maintain great credit because unfortunately takes a lot more than just paying your bills on time so if you don't want to be the next victim or statistic then you got to check both credit reports right away but the best part about all this is you can do it absolutely for free we got credit TV and you can also get your free credit report just follow the links below and we'll send those el dia right away and remember credit TV rules hi guys i hope you really enjoyed that video for this out take i just wanted to show you exactly how difficult this was to even get this video done when i started recording this video i came out and it was cold very cold out and i was trying to copy the rick mercer rant style but it just wasn't happening people are coming...
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